Damn These Dreams

I had a dream last night that I found out my husband was sleeping with someone else while I was away from the house. In the dream, it was someone I knew, but not in real life. I don?t remember how I found out, but I remember feeling like I?d been punched in the stomach. (That was a regular occurrence when I was little, so I know how it feels.) I was ready to forgive him, though, except for one thing:

?So, what do you say?? I asked him in the dream, referring to what they did during the act itself. ?Do you tell her you love her?? He said he did.

That was even worse than being cheated on physically. The idea that he could not just make love to someone else, but actually *love* someone else hit me the worst in my dream.

Don?t worry, Aaron, I know it was just a weird dream, and that you wouldn?t actually do anything like that… It was still disturbing, though.

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  1. i hate that. i do that all the time. i’ll have a dream where john does something awful to me and in the morning i’m all hurt and upset. but it was just a fecking dream.