You May Be Right: I May Be Crazy

But I’m still planning to go to the LakeShoremen January Camp in Attica MI tomorrow. Leaving bright and early, before 8am, to get to Clawson (north of Detroit) by 10am, to carpool up to the Michigan Christian Youth Camp in Attica by 11:30 or noon. Rehearsal lasts from noon to 6pm, after which there’s an optional pizza party and some cleanup to be done. Then back to Clawson, and back home to Toledo.

This could suck.

Aaron and I usually do our laundry and shopping on Sundays, so we went out and tried to find an open laundromat tonight. Hit the ATM, topped off the gas tank, no luck finding anyplace to wash our damn clothes. Everyplace closed up early due to the FUCKING SHITTY WEATHER. So, Aaron’s going to just do everything tomorrow while I’m off drumcorps-ing. That’s awfully cool of him.

Plus, I’ve promised to turn around and come home if the road conditions suck, and to keep the phone on while I’m driving. (Quite opposite of what most people would say, true, but we rarely have the need or desire to have the cell phone on. It’s just good to know it’s there if I get in trouble, or if Aaron starts to worry.)

So… wish me luck! (I must be nuts.)