Well, I haven’t really been in the mood to sit down and blog for a while. I’m still not. But, still, there are a few tidbits that might interest those of you who don’t talk to me very often. (Oh, wait—that’s everybody except Aaron.)

So, let’s see… Last week, I was offered a position as Webmaster for an organization of which I am a member. As people do Google this particular organization and find my website, I won’t include it in the text of this entry, just in case it’s not public knowledge amongst the membership yet.

The whole experience made me feel good about myself, really, and gave me a much-needed ego boost. Apparently, the Guy In Charge had asked my Carpool Buddy (also Assistant Director) if he knew of anyone who was well-versed in things web-design-related. So, since I’ve made known my web design proclivities, my Carpool Buddy gave The Guy In Charge my name and the name of one other person (who happens to donate server space for another organization I volunteer my time with). So, they asked, I accepted, and now I’m the Website Committee Chair, aka Webmaster, with my partner-in-crime as self-proclaimed webminion. We’re working on getting Paypal set up so members can Paypal their dues; then we’ll be starting on a full-site makeover.

On another subject: Mark, Aaron and I were going to go see Boogaloosa Prayer on Saturday night, but Mark ended up getting ill and staying home, so Aaron and I decided not to go. Good thing, too, because the Austin City Limits featuring the Pixies ended up being on PBS Saturday night instead of Sunday, like Aaron had thought. So, we unplugged the internet and plugged the cable into the capture card in Aaron’s Dell, and gave this whole PVR thing a shot.

OMG. That was SO cool.

We made a DVD out of the Austin City Limits show, complete with chapter stops and artwork. (I’m still working on making print-quality PDFs of the insert I made, and on getting the stupid disc art to print.) Making DVDs totally beats taping a show on VHS. This rules.

(Edit: Check out JPGs of my cover art and disc art)

As for today… ehh. Started out OK, pretty slow work day. Ended up kind of really freakin’ busy. See, we have to get all of our loan changes and modifications finished by month-end, and we have to stay until they’re finished. Everything was cool until, like, 3:00. Then every goddamn loan officer in Sky decided it was time to fax us shit. I ended up staying 20 minutes overtime because of the workload and because of a computer glitch that made me enter a bunch of data twice.

Now, I wouldn’t mind the overtime so much, if it weren’t for the fact that the half hour after I get home from work is my only Aaron Time during the day. My half hour of daily Aaron time became ten minutes today, and that was after speeding home Gran Turismo-style.

And then it doesn’t help that I’m *always* tired after work, and I’m getting, well, tired of it. It’s just, goddamn, how can I follow my Amy’s advice to avoid making work the central part of my day when all I want to do when I get home is eat, watch the news, and take a nap?

But we won’t get into that. I just wanted to give y’all a quick what’s-up. Oh, and it looks like my daily hits have subsided back to around 15 a day. Guess I didn’t get too many new “regulars” after the Ohayocon post. Ah, well.

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  1. That Pixies stuff is dope! Do people still say dope? I’m jealous! Let me know if it would be possible to snag a DVD by way of fire/cash/whatev. DOPE! Seriously, the art looks really nice. DDDDOOOOOPPPPEEEE!!!!!


  2. tired after work, eh? hmmm.

    are you still doing low-carb? if you increase a little bit (not with sugars or empty carbs like white bread, but with maybe a healthy organic whole-wheat bread slice w/lunch) and have a late-afternoon snack (4pm ish, should be ~250-300 calories and be full of energy-type nutrients – i suggest a Zone Perfect bar) and then you shouldnt be as hungry when you get home, so after aaron leaves you can have a good 20-30 minute workout (ddr or some body-weight excercises) – i bet you’ll start feeling better, along with sleeping better.

    i know when i’m doing low-carb and not working out i get really lethargic and crappy after work too :/ and during work.

  3. Garza: You come hang out with us, we give you Pixies. Word.

    Sheryls: Even after just a 20-minute after-dinner upper-body weight-lifty-time, I’m feeling a bit more… energized? Or maybe just less lethargic? I could get used to this.

    No DDR for me, though, until we get our new dance pad modded; last time I tried to use it, I about wrenched my knee. It hurt. A lot.

  4. so..you did an upper-body workout? feeling better already? w00t!

    i do get more energy from it. last night i did 30 minutes of cardio then went to the hair salon. i didnt get home till almost 10 and i STILL had energy. even though all i ate for dinner was a Zone Perfect bar and about 1/2 cup of unsweetened soy milk (the last of the container).