On A Roll

This morning when I woke up, my thighs were sore. It wasn’t one of those ?OMG this sucks? kinds of sore, though—more like a feeling of strength, a good kind of sore. I still don?t think I overdid it. It felt good. It still does.

I was pretty much chained to my desk today, since today was my day to help answer the phones, so I couldn’t get up and wander aboot and stretch my legs as much as I wanted. I think my hamstrings would be less sore right now if I could have taken a few extra bathroom breaks today and walked around. Ah, well. I can stretch now, anyway.

This evening, before dinner but after Aaron had left for work, I worked my upper body with 5lb weights. Afterward, I wrote down what exercises I’d done today and yesterday—not for public consumption, just for my own personal edification, so I can remember what kicked my ass and what works what muscles more and what I need to do more of.

Oh, but first things first. Before I even started my workout this evening, I got out the digital camera and took a front and side Before Picture. Again, these are not for public consumption. Not yet, anyway; not until there’s a sufficient After Picture to go with them. 🙂 I wish I’d taken a Way Before Picture, back in 2003 when Aaron and I first started Atkins. I mean, I can look at my face in pictures and go ‘eek!’ but I can’t really see the rest of me in all its OMFG glory. Heh… maybe that’s a good thing.

Three days o’ working out in a row. How many days does it take to make a habit, do they say? Ten? Thirty? Either way, I’ve got a good start.

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  1. YAY! that’s so great that you’re getting into it!!!!!!!! *omg hugs*

    how many days? that depends. on my old program i did not work out every day. you need rest days. i used to do a monday/tuesday, then wed. off, then thurs/fri – then the weekend was pretty much up in the air.

    and. not trying to push you but – if you do not include some cardio, you will not see the results you want to. :/ it’s a harsh truth and it sucks, but it’s true. i know it’s too cold for outdoor cardio, but you could… run in place, do tae-bo (i can loan you my tapes if you dont have them) or any aeorbic workous, run up and down your stairs (a great and difficult workout – i used to run up and down stairs for 2 minutes, then jump rope for 2 minutes, repeat 5 times), or jump on your little workout trampoline…to name a few things you could around the house.

    they reccomend 30 minutes of cardio *every day*, but that’s a little steep for starting out.

  2. Yeah, cardio. C’mon, gimme a chance—I haven’t even been doing this thing for a week yet! 😛

    I think I’ll lay off the weight training tonight and jump on my rebound trampoline during the news, then do my yoga DVD. The stretching will do me good. (My legs are *still* stiff. Such a lightweight…)

  3. yay! mix it up!

    no, seriously though, i read every day people saying “i’m lifting weights but i’m not losing any fat! i’m just gaining weight!” ..it’s because they’re not lifting their weights at an intensity to count as cardio, and not doing any extraneous cardio.

    like i said, not trying to push you, just letting you know. AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE 😀