It?s nice working at the bank sometimes. When I get bored or distracted (and don?t want to go on the intarweb for fear of getting fired for unauthorized internet usage), I can open up my checking account and see all the checks that have cleared today. For instance, I know that my candle supply order should be filled soon, because my PayPal payment went through today. I can also tell that Snapfish tends to process my film and upload it before they even cash my check. My incessant peeking at my account also helps remind me to write all my debits in my checkbook.

So, I guess this job?s good for something besides semi-annual incentive pay and free premier checking.

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  1. yup. i’ve had the same feeling of trying to look busy but being absolutely bored and distracted. :/ could be a seasonal thing. this in-between-spring-and-winter thing is tease-er-riffic.