Taxes: Check.

Just got done with Das Taxes. We bought a $10 book at Barnes and Noble today about filing your 2005 taxes, and it was actually helpful. Worth the ten bucks. Unfortunately, we just barely missed being able to itemize our shit. We gave it a shot, though, and we know what kinds of receipts to save for next year.

So, let’s hear it for having our Federal tax refund to fund our summer vacation. w00t.

Aaron’s quotable for the evening? “Use tax? Suck my left fuckin’ buckeye.”

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  1. holy sweet CSS! i love the red. i may have to do my next website in red. <3.

    and lets hear it for our federal tax refunds...paying off ..our city company is too .....too something to take out a courtesy tax. pfeh :/

    but congrats! i'm glad your'e getting a good chunk. if ever 2 people need a vacation together, it's you two 😉