Totoro Hat, Take Two

Attempt #2 at a Totoro hat I’d be proud to wear to the Animarathon in April. Much closer this time. I made the hat *too* big this time, instead of not big enough, so I had to adjust the hems and do some trimming—but, hopefully, I was left with a hat that would suffice for Aaron. I also increased the size of the hatband hem width and the ears, and decreased the size of Totoro’s eyes and nose.

I’m afraid I might have to try out some other style of a more form-fitting hat, as having a loosely-fitting hat isn’t going to work with those pesky ears. Maybe you can’t tell in the photos, but they really like to flop forward and/or backward a lot, and not stay standing up. Rigid, sure, no problem, but upright? Not so much.

Oh, yeah, and I still need to add whiskers. Sticky-outie whiskers, not sewn-on whiskers.

This is fun. Addictive. I *heart* fleece remnants at Hancock Fabrics.

Edit: Forgot to mention one thing. When one is cutting fabric on one’s kitchen table, it would behoove a person to make sure that the measuring tape is not unwound and laying about in close proximity to the path of the cutting implement. Otherwise, one may find oneself reattaching the end of one’s vinyl measuring tape, said tape having been severed at the three-inch mark.

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  1. you’ll have to model it for me later. yay, schnuthie-size hat!

    good thing i bought all that fleece… with all these experimental hats, i think i’m going to need it. 😛