Yay, Clothes!

This post is dedicated to the anonymous jackass who posted the following comment:

From your description, it seems you need a “reason” to get up out of bed and clean yourself up these days. You’re content to hang out in blue jeans and sweats. You have given up on makeup, hair, grooming and nice apparel. Congratulations–you will be nominated for the “What Not To Wear” show on TLC by your loved ones real soon!

Get yourself to a stylist.

Friday evening, Sheryl took me clothes shopping. Not in direct response to the above comment, mind you… but I will admit that it fired me up enough to realize that I hadn’t really updated my wardrobe since I lost a shload of weight. I’d bought a couple new pairs of pants, so I wouldn’t look like freakin’ Bozo the Clown at work, but that was about it. I was still swimming in giant old shirts, some of them with subtle stainage I was hoping no one had noticed. :-\

So, like I said, Sheryl and I went shopping. We’d had an agenda of four stores, but never actually made it past Lane Bryant, as Sheryl ended up going absolutely ballistic on teh cuteness. With her fashion assistance, I ended up buying a pair of low-rise flare-leg jeans, a pair of khakis, a black skirt, a tank / shell with built-in shelf bra, one black bra, one white bra, and five cute shirts. Or was it six? Yeah, six: two pink, one peach, one blue, and two black.

I now have more style and teh cuteness. And a discernable figure.

So, here’s a before and after shot. And for you, anonymous commenter, a hearty fuck you.

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  1. ieeeeeeeee! i’m still all a-squee!! 😀

    and when do you want to go back? we only have until april 10th!! omg! 😀 for more teh cuteness!

    this time, i think black pants. you think black pants?

  2. yay for teh cuteness! want to do it again this coming friday evening?

    i definitely think black pants. oh, yes.

    i also think we may have to hit a fashionable shoe store so I can get at least one pair of versatile, not-black teh cute shoes that will go with my new, more pastel teh cuteness. (although it’s difficult to find teh cute shoes in size 11.)

  3. ok. i suggest that the $250 we spend, most of it will be 3 kinds of pants. you will need:
    1 pair dress black pants
    1 pair dress grey pants
    1 pair dress black pinstripe pants.

    then maybe some more fashionable, dressier shirts. then your work wardrobe will be complete. maybe another pair of the jeans in another color (the darker maybe?).

    Hmm, cute shoes in size 11. let’s try Target.

  4. if we dont find something @ target, maybe we can hit baker’s on saturday or something, because it’s a long drive to the mall. 😛

  5. so.. ima a friend of sheryls and followed the link.

    and look, i don’t know you, so i hope this isn’t uncalled for but d00d. you look about 10 years younger in the “after” picture.

    YAY! makeovers are fun!!!

    by the way, part of the replenishing the wardrobe thing is getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t fit anymore/has subtle stains. this is the part i personally have trouble with


  6. yay for new clothes!

    (I’ma friend of sheryls too)

    and yay for telling that asshead to fuck off!

    you look great! I’m hoping to get intot he getting in shape jive too, wish me luck!

  7. thanx, renita!

    i’m actually in the process of weeding out the crap from my wardrobe right now. i’m starting a bag o’ thriftables, in which i have already put a couple of old baggy borderline-ratty blouses.

    it’s kind of liberating. yay!