New Toy

So, this is what’s been occupying my time for the past two days: Aaron’s (early) birthday present to me. *squee*

See, a few days ago, I told Aaron that I was going to splurge one last time with my new Amazon Visa before I lay off the spending. Of course, he asked what I was going to buy, and I told him: an iPod Mini. And he got this look on his face and said that maybe I shouldn’t really buy one right now…

*facepalm* I should know better than to buy myself stuff right before my birthday. I’ve done that before, and thrown Aaron for a loop. Luckily, I hadn’t actually purchased a Mini yet, so all was well… except that I’d managed to ruin a really, really keen birthday surprise.

It’s still keen, though. I’m still all a-squee about it, although I can tell that it’ll soon become part of my normal gear, like my wallet and my lomo.

Wanna know what’s on my iPod?

The Afghan Whigs / Air / Bob Mould / Catherine Wheel / Coldplay / The Cure / Depeche Mode / Fischerspooner / The Flaming Lips / Flogging Molly / Folk Implosion / James / Keane / Lou Barlow / Peter Gabriel / Smashing Pumpkins / Sugar / Tegan and Sara / The Violent Femmes / The White Stripes

…among other things. @whee!

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  1. yeah, aaron’s told me that earthcore is pretty good. i’ll definitely have to check that out.

    …what’s dnd again? (i’m at work, and can’t go check your page.) 🙂

  2. OK… I’ve downloaded iPodder, and subscribed to EarthCore and the Dawn and Drew Show. Haven’t listened to either yet — I figure that’ll keep me occupied during a few lunch breaks next week. 😀