Happy Birthday To Me!

When I was little, I would get excited about my birthday, just like all kids do. As I got older, and grew to expect less out of birthdays, I got less enthused about them in advance. After all, what’s the point of getting worked up just to get let down? These days, I go into birthdays expecting a day like any other; then, if something good happens, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Today, I was pleasantly surprised.

I’d already gotten my iPod from Aaron, thanks to my managing to ruin the surprise. I knew something was up with Sheryl, because earlier this week she’d asked where my office was. I also knew that our department was planning a pizza party for lunch, because Holly couldn’t keep it a secret, and had to know what kind of pizza I liked. So, I knew something was up before I even came in this morning.

I’d thought maybe the early arrivers would decorate my cube before I got to work—but no. I arrived to two cards (one from the whole department and one from Scott) and a lucky bamboo plant (also from Scott). That was cool. I put water in my bamboo plant’s little home and prepared to start my workday.

Not long after, I got a hand on my shoulder and a “Boo!” shouted at me (in an indoor voice, of course). I offered the standard reply, “Boo who?” before I turned around—and, holy shit, it’s Sheryl! She brought me two pots of mini daffodils and a gift card to Lane Bryant! *squee* She hung around for a couple minutes before going back out and heading to work (but not before talking to Rob Wozniak, who didn’t recognize her at first).

I coasted on a good mood for the rest of the day, enjoying my springy cubicle and the Twinkie tiramisu Scott made and the pizza for lunch and… yeah. It was a good birthday. At least, as good as having a birthday at work can be. 😛

And now, the documentation:

My shelf is all springy now! Daffodils from Sheryls in back and bamboo from Scott in front.

I put the other daffodils by my computer, so I could look at them all day. I actually took this pot home with me after work, though.

My birthday cards: The one on the left is from my coworkers, and the inside reads: “Smells just like a birthday card, doesn’t it?” or something to that effect. The one on the right is from Scott, and the inside reads: “Forget about that low-carb diet!” Heh. Then there’s the gift card from Sheryl in front there.

OMFG. Twinkie-misu. Twinkies cut in half, soaked in espresso (or strong coffee), layered on the bottom of a 9×13 pan. Coffee ice cream on top, Kahlua (if you’re not at work), Cool Whip, with mocha fudge drizzled and chocolate crumbled on top. To. Die. For. (Assuming you like coffee.)

Good day. Yeah. And Amy’s coming over tomorrow! Yay for birthday weekends!

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