:: ZZZzzz ::

Man… I get tired so early anymore. It’s not even 9:30 yet, and already I’m primed to go flop down on the couch with a book and some sort of snack and chill out for the evening. I’m such a lightweight. *sigh*

On the agenda for the weekend: Tomorrow is the Waterville Community Garage Sale, which has become an annual Schnuth expedition. We’re planning to start on a different side of town this year, though, because the neighborhood we frequent every year is getting a little stale.

On Sunday, we’ll be doing our laundry and shopping a little earlier than usual, so we can visit Sheryl in her packed-up apartment in Perrysburg and bring her some empty boxes. And drive her to get packing tape and trash bags and other randomness. And go to dinner with her at Chili’s or some other sit-down place. Good stuff.

But for now, I’ll be heading upstairs to crash on the couch with my book, dissatisfied with myself for not having done anything of import this evening.

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  1. I am so bigtime adding you to my daily links section! Love the site, and dig your about section. Good luck with losing weight by the way!! I feel ya there… I was 192 (size 16/18) and now I’m 162 (Size 12). Fight the good fight!!