Waterville Community Garage Sale 2005

Last year, we got a fairly decent haul. The year before was crap. The couple years before that were phenomenal.

This year? Good. Definitely good.

As with last year, we started out at the St. John’s Jesuit High School Garage Sale. Unlike last year, both Aaron and I found some stuff of interest:

+ The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction, Edward L. Ferman, Ed.
+ Star Trek: Legacy by Michael Jan Friedman
+ World’s Best Science Fiction: 1971, D. Wollheim and T. Carr, Ed.
+ Galactic Empires, Volume 1, Brian Aldiss, Ed.
+ A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney by Andy Rooney

Yeah, we’re sci-fi geeks. *shrug*

We got to Waterville around 10:30am, which is impressively early for Aaron and myself on a Saturday. We started around the Kroger, which is a different end of town from our usual haunts. Good thing, though, because we ended up finding a *fantastic* neighborhood with tons of sales. We must have walked for an hour or more without even moving the car. Finally moved to a different ‘hood, then got lunch at Kam Wah (excellent Chinese food), then tried to hit a few more sales, but were just too saled-out to keep plugging away by 3:00 or 3:30pm. But we got a righteous haul this year:

+ PlayStation console, no cables, works, $1
+ Palm IIIc with accessories, works, $15
+ small apple basket (which served to carry sale items)
+ mechanical metronome (not the electronic kind)
+ Game Boy Secret Codes
+ random assortment of terra cotta clay pots
+ metal watering can (to be used as a planter)
+ Sam Kinison VHS tape
+ Tae Bo VHS tape
+ two 45’s and eight LP’s

I must be forgetting something… Anyway, yeah. Good haul, beautiful day, great weather, and (as always) quality time with my Honey Muffin. 😀