iPod Randomness

The shuffle play on my iPod today is fantastic! I added the new Coldplay, Clutch, Beck, and White Stripes last night, and it’s randoming to each album just enough. I also have WOXY’s Modern Rock Minute on my iPod, so it’s like listening to my very own radio station that doesn’t suck. Early 90’s Depeche Mode, Tegan and Sara, a massive collection of 80’s synthpop, some indie emo stuff, and a smattering of funny novelty and hip-hop tunes (The Terrible Mr. Grimshaw, The Thong Song, Baby Got Back, Poison by Bell Biv Devoe), among other songs and albums, makes for a great work mix.

Makes the day much less tedious.

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  1. omg, speaking of novelty hip-hop, someone made me a mix with “All 4 Love” on it and it makes me crack up laughing every time.

    o/~ anniwantyuddaknowidoit AAAAAALLL FOR LOOOOOOOOVE o.~

  2. of course, it may have been the 12 hours of driving. but during my move to the coast i must’ve played it 4 or 5 times 😀