Me and my Mom

Kmart portrait of my Mom and me, circa 1979

My Mom has been reminding me (every chance she gets) that I haven’t posted her picture anywhere on my website yet. (Y’know, Mom, that’s not entirely true; you were at my bridal shower.)

Anyway, to appease my mother, this is a Kmart portrait of the two of us when she was younger than I am now. 🙂

(Oh, and yes, it did take some Photoshop skillz to remove that fantastic Kmart-portrait red tint. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough.)

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  1. i love old pictures of moms 🙂 what a great picture – look at your face! 😀 you can SO tell that’s you, and you can SO tell that’s your mother.

  2. not that this has ANYTHING to do with your cute baby pics (which they r cute) :o) BUT PirateBay is back up and working. It was all a hoax, and it’s bigger then b4 & in English. I though u & Aaron would like to know. c-ya tomorrow :o( <-- sad face b/c we have 2 work