Lou Barlow

Lou Barlow in Motion, Grog Shop, 12 Mar 2005 || Lomo LC-A

Neither myself nor Aaron had ever gotten to see Lou Barlow live before this show. (Lou Barlow = Folk Implosion, Sebadoh, Sentridoh, Kids soundtrack… remember the song “Natural One” from the late 90’s?) Being a giant fan of Lou, and wanting to support the Hannelore Barlow charity tour, we bought ourselves tickets and headed out to Coventry.

Anyway, he performed back in March at the Grog Shop and, despite my less-than-stellar Tegan and Sara results, I brought my trusty lomo along. This was one of the two shots of Lou that I got; after a while, I realized that they weren’t really going to come out well, and I gave up on snapping pictures and just enjoyed the show.