PHP + MySQL = r00lz my world

Oh. Mah. Gawd.

OMFG. This is so, SO cool. I feel like an uber-nerd, but I’ve totally seen the light. After years of explanation and geekitude from Dan (and, more recently, from this tutorial), some support from Sheryl, and of course, an initial introduction from Jamie and from Colvey, I finally have created a functional MySQL database.

It’s still pretty simple, and it’s definitely not secure yet. But that’s OK. I’m just testing my newfound skillz on my own stuff, then I’ll worry about security measures to implement when I work on the actual LSM page. For now, though, all my craziness is over that little module in the index sidebar (visible only on the main index page and on the full listing of all entries) labeled, “Keeping Busy.”

It’s probably one of the simplest things I could have made, but it works. It even sorts the events in date order, and only shows events that happen after today. I’m damn proud of myself.

This has virtually unlimited possibilities. OMG. I should have *made* the opportunity to learn this *years* ago.

*shakes head*

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

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  1. the funny thing is.. after college i was positive i never, ever wanted to touch a relational database ever again, after the nightmare that *was* dr. chilson’s database managment class.

    it almost cost me my degree (my last 400 level elective and i had to get a C or i wouldnt graduate, i barely squeaked by) mostly due to the fact that i failed to memorize every definition in the book. if you wrote “the” instead of “a” on his tests/quizzes you got 0 points for the question, i swear. the answers had to be verbatim.

    once i got my job in toledo i started to realize how fun they are, and now i go insane if something isnt dynamic and database driven 😀

  2. Yeah, I’m a geek… I love databases. I’m glad I had the opportunity to introduce them to people, too. Funny that it’s taken several years for anyone else to admit to this strange, almost unnatural, appeal of relational storage.

    Congratulations on coming out of the geek closet! Now, to open you up to the art of chrooting the apache and mysql daemons into encrypted filesystem and running suexec php… oh well, that’s another geek session.

  3. I’ve often been amazed, Jaime, by the fact that you were *so* far ahead of the game with the whole database-driven website concept. None of us really appreciated or realized it at the time, but you were totally on the cutting-edge.

    Now, off to wrap my brain around how to display my cute little list o’ dates in a calendar format… *cue aneurysm*

  4. i think if i had originally been introduced to relational geekery via php and mysql, i would have picked up on it, but the Oracle Hell that *was* my introduction to the whole deal was QUITE a turn-off.