Potential Culinary Disaster

Since my department is having a potluck tomorrow, I went to Meijer over my lunch today to get ingredients for the banana pudding I was planning to bring. Our second car is on the fritz, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to hit Kroger after Aaron left for work, like I usually do on Potluck Eve.

I just went upstairs to unload the ingredients from the shopping bag… and realized that I bought not vanilla pudding, like the recipe calls for, but white chocolate.

I’m going to make the banana pudding anyway, with white-chocolate-flavored pudding as a base.

I hope this doesn’t suck.

4 thoughts on Potential Culinary Disaster

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  1. At the very least it’ll be interesting. And even if it does suck, there’s always one freak who claims it’s the best thing they’ve ever eaten and usually they even mean it. I bet it will actually be good, though. Bananas and white chocolate. . . yum.

  2. Scott from work is donating some toasted coconut to sprinkle on top, too.

    I’m not sure what I think of the pudding mixture with the condensed milk and the Cool Whip so far. Maybe once it oozes together with the ‘naners it’ll be better.

  3. update from work: the banana pudding is a hit! more of it is gone than usual, and everyone says it’s great. maybe i should experiment with different flavors more often. 🙂