A Confession

I’m still pissed at myself for my lame rehearsal yesterday. The entire rehearsal wasn’t lame ? the corps made some fairly decent progress overall ? but my own personal performance was sub-par all day. What really gets me is that my poor performance is entirely my fault; I can’t just chalk it up to a bad day. It could have been avoided had I actually practiced during the past two weeks.

It had to be painfully obvious that I hadn’t practiced ? at least, it was obvious to me. My endurance was pathetic. I could barely play by the end of rehearsal, and my lips are still swollen, even today. I tried to admit it and shrug it off at the same time by admitting to my closer corps friends that I’d been working on the website instead of practicing my mellophone.

The truth is, I did neither.

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  1. I meant to ask, did y’all find a bass drummer for your upcoming gig? I sent a message to the listproc, but nobody openly responded. Word.