Serger Test #1

While I was sorting through some of my random crap last week, I found a Ziploc baggie of buttons. Pins. Whatever you want to call them. I used to collect them, once upon a time — not really as a hobby, just as something cool to have. Kind of like my varieties of Post-It Note pads. But I digress.

It occured to me that it’s kind of pointless to keep all this crap if I’m only going to pull it out of a box every now and then, look at it, and put it away again. I have other knick-knacks and keepsakes that I’m planning to make shadowboxes for — but for my button collection, a simple fleece display will do.

I had threaded my new Singer Tiny Serger (purchased at Savers for $3) with hot pink, blue, and yellow thread, so that I could tell a.) how to thread the bitch thing, and b.) if it didn’t work, where the problem lay. As it happened, there was no serger troubleshooting needed, but threading it took FOREVER. I really didn’t want to have to rethread it for my next project… so I chose a relatively funky-friendly project to practice with.

All I did was serge around the edges of a 12″x18″ piece of white fleece, install eyelets in the corners (I didn’t use interfacing, and that might come back to bite me later), and thread a couple thread chains from the serger through the eyelets for hanging. Just add buttons. Pins. Whatever.

An extremely simple project, but fun and useful. I’ll get this arts-n-crafts thing down yet.