Tacked onto the bottom of a forward I received today at work:

Hunt the terrorists to the ends of the earth. Since most of the people of the United States, indeed most of the world’s population, will not live their lives as the terrorists demand it the only way to make the world safe. The terrorists will not be allowed to rest, regroup, or lay low. Death, not capture, is the only way to deal with zealots who will not compromise on their goal of a non-tolerate Islamite one world religion/government.

The co-worker that forwarded the e-mail to me did so just so I could see this amazing worldview that someone had apparently included as a sig. WTF. We both agreed that this approach is just as scary as the terrorists’.

And… “non-tolerate”? “Islamite”? Way to convert the intelligent citizens of the U.S. to your cause.

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  1. this kind of mindset doesn’t cultivate on its own. unfortunately the gv ‘nt often enables such stereotypes about a particular group. is-l@m is becoming too obvious. recently, i saw on the news here that evil doeing ter^*wrists are dressin themselves up as vagabond: “Keep eyes open for suspicious looking h0m3-liss people” -> HELLO!!!! duh.

    the gv ‘nt is playing on the idea that people should be not fooled by deceit and that every deception is leading up to something that is ev-ill.

    and there is nothing more ev-ill than a deceitful T*s person:


    i love how officials believe that everything will be fine if T* people are “forthcoming,” which of course suggests that we are being deceitful in the first place; i guess i’m guilty of that, too, as I WON’T EVEN COME OUT TO MY DERMATOLOGIST!

    i guess this whole t3r-or scare has gotten everyone tuned to expect to see something that maybe hidden, but still leads to harm. and that’s how the idea of deception becomes associated w/ t* people.

    by being steOalth (not telling anyone) about my birth-identified j3nd3r, i am not deceiving anyone, i am setting myself free from the path deception that society set me on just after i was born.

    i’m sorry for this horrible rant, tho i needed to get it out. tomorrow morning i venture outside, in my high, high heels, for interview across the street from the retrial and the protestors:

    and i feel completely ill.

  2. how l33t (and Google-deceiving) of you. ^_-

    I’ll have to wait until I get home from work, but I’ll definitely check out those links. It amazes me how intolerant (nontolerate?) and ignorant people can be, of T* folks or of brown people or of other religions. WTF.