Cheerful Things

In keeping with the advice of my blog buddy Wil, I present to you Three Things That Make Me Feel Cheerful, by Diana (age 29):

  1. Our one-year-old cat, Mei, has finally begun to mellow out and not attack my hands and/or feet under the covers. Instead, she tends to curl up behind my knees and purr contentedly until she falls asleep. Whenever I move or roll over, she wakes up and begins purring again, despite the fact that I’ve just made her rearrange her sleeping position.
  2. My husband and I work opposite shifts, so he comes to bed around 4am or so, smack in the middle of my night’s sleep. Sometimes, though, I’m lucky enough to wake up when he climbs in beside me, and I get a few minutes of cuddly snuggly half-asleep happiness before I drift off again. And, yes, sometimes the cat is still there.
  3. Weekends. Weekends make me happy. And not because I’m not at work; like I mentioned, my husband and I work opposite shifts, so I only see him for 25 minutes every weekday. Weekends are when I get to have quality time with my soulmate, which is cool. Whether we go to a concert, an art fair, or just go thrifting, those two days really recharge me and make me a much happier person.

Now it’s your turn. In this time of WTF-ness, what makes you happy?

[Note: Wil Wheaton is not really my buddy. Even though he likes The Pixies, and even though I thoroughly enjoy his writing style, and even though I feel as if we would get along (again, reference the familiar writing style), I have not actually corresponded with Wil, nor have I met him. — Hey, Wil? Are you ever planning to do that Star Trek Convention in Vegas…?]

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  1. It makes me happy to know my baby is happy. Sounds silly I know but it’s true. Sunsets when there is a cloud in front of the sun and it gives off that fairytail kind of all around rays. Having someone ask me when my days to photograph are becouse thay only want me to photo there baby:)