Foiled Again

On Sunday, the day after I purchased the Argoflex 75, I found a Brownie Bullet camera for $1.99 at Savers. I saw that it took 127 film, and contemplated leaving it… but not for long. WTF, I figured, it’s only two bucks.

So, I thought I might be able to try 35mm sprocket hole photography with my new-old camera, to test the camera’s workings for much less than the cost of a roll of vintage 127mm film. Went out to the garage and located some foam to hold the smaller film canister in place, opened up the camera — and realized that 127 film is much narrower than 35mm. The camera wouldn’t even think about closing with that huge 35mm film cartridge in there. D’oh!

Damn… off to eBay I go, to purchase some 127mm film.

Maybe someday I’ll get saucy and learn to develop my own black-and-white film. Until then, I suppose I’ll just get butt-raped by Rocky Mountain Film Lab (who, incidentally, can also develop all my obscure rolls of Super 8 film). We’ll see if the Brownie’s worth the trouble after a test roll…