Seven Degrees of Separation

I love Technorati because I love to figure out how random strangers find my page. There aren’t many, but I’d like to welcome Jesse to the fold.

No, not the fold. The club? The elite? No. Um, welcome to the… party? Yeah.

Now, check this. As far as I can figure out, Jesse frequents, a site maintained by Elizabeth Clouse. Liz is my friend Dan’s sister, and Dan helps to manage her site. I’ve surfed around, though, and I can’t seem to find any linkage to Dan’s personal site anywhere. Dan does link to me from his site, though.

So, I’m not quite sure how and where the blogsurfing went, exactly, but that’s how we’re linked in some roundabout way.

Or did Jesse find me from somewhere else, followed MY link to Dan, and HIS link to his sister’s site? *brain explodes*

‘Fess up, Jess. I’m curious. My audience is small. How did you happen to read my random rantings?

…Aaaaaand I’m a dork.

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  1. Hey, you know, I guess that means that random people are going to (or at least “through”) my site. That pleases me in an egomaniacal sort of way. In a way, I’m something of an exhibitionist now.

    I have been writing as if no one is reading. Or at the very least, only 3 people. I should probably link up to technorati and find out. Or maybe that would just make me freak out.