Massive Update on Stuff In General

I took my final half-day off of work today so I could go to lunch with two women I used to work with. We caught up on each other’s lives (mainly work-related), reminisced about the Bad Old Days…

24 September 2002: Just Another Day…

Hey, for once I worked an 8-hour day! Yeah, we were doing so well that we actually took a one-hour lunch and everything. Just for reference, yesterday I worked a 14-hour day. Seriously. My co-worker and almost-supervisor, Loni, worked an hour and a half more than me, since she came in at 6am. Damn, that sucked. Makes the normal 8-hour day seem like a luxury instead of a burden.

…and ate some yummy Mexican food. And despite my lack of a lunchtime walk, I still got my podcast-listening time in, since a.) our lunch meeting was a half hour south of where I work, and b.) I bought a Kensington FM transmitter for the iPod(s).

When I got home, I had intended to work on the LSM site, as it needs some stuff added and updated (like audition info). Instead, I ended up finishing off the cosplay skirt. Yes, indeed, the skirt is complete! Well, except for possibly adding some velcro for good measure, and the final ironing before we leave for Youmacon in two weeks.

Don’t worry, I’ll definitely post pictures of me and Aaron in costume. 🙂

What else…? Oh, yeah, tonight’s dinner. I know, blogging about what I made for dinner is certifiably lame, but this was really good. Ten-Minute Szechuan Chicken. It’s really easy (even I can do it), and really good… but, now that I think about it, I think I’m going to put the recipe on my next Low Carb Lifestyle podcast, so I’m not going to publish it here yet. If you download this old-school DOS recipe filing program, though, I could be convinced to e-mail you the database file that this fantastic recipe came from. (Thanks, Uncle Pete!)

Yesterday, I told the Acting Executive Director of LSM that I’ve decided not to march next year. He was understandably disappointed, but he completely understood, which is cool.

I’m sure there’s other stuff I should write about, but that’s the overall rundown of everything I wanted to mention. Now I’m going to go work on the LSM page. Yay for contact info and audition info and pictures? w00t.