NaNoWriMo Update

Well, I cranked out 3,300 words last night, and that felt pretty good. I got up over the 10,000-word mark. Never mind that I should be past 25,000 by now. Baby steps.

My only fear now is that I’m plowing through my plot a little too fast. I’m already way too far through my outline for being only one-fifth done, and there are still details of the climax and resolution that I haven’t quite worked out yet. I know how the story ends, I think, and I pretty much know how to get there, but there are a lot of flashbacks and explanations in the interim, and one main scene I won’t be able to duck gracefully past.

For fight scenes and sex scenes, I’ve been using the ploy of writing up to the event, then skipping past it and writing the aftermath of the event. It’s been working well so far — but for the denouement, a supernatural fight scene involving four to seven vampires, one human, and an incubus, I don’t see me being able to dodge it so easily.

I think I’ve done well with my flashback sequences, finding places for them to live alongside the modern-day storyline without being too confusing. I’ll probably continue along these lines, because I still need to include several Highlander-esque moments between my main character and his mentor, among other scenes.

If anyone would like a synopsis of the story so far, or maybe a snippet or two of the NaNo-in-progress (beyond the intro that’s posted on, just post a shout-out. Oh, and you have to answer the question I posed yesterday, too. 😉 I’ve pretty much solved my character’s motivation dilemma for now, but there are still some mighty cheesy moments that could do with some motivation assistance. And lots of editing.

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  1. This is random but I’m breaking my own protocol and responding to your comment on my xanga on your site…so…woo!

    Your presence is never unwelcome on my xanga, “heathen agostic” or otherwise. If I didn’t want your input on anything I would either delete your comments or block you. Of course, I’ve deleted on person’s comment once, and that was by accident. I appreciate your perspective on things.

    I know being sarcastic is part of my bag of tricks; I just use it poorly sometimes. This has always been a problem and its just something I’m letting God work on. Its mostly a timing thing. Its the whole “well, I could be uplifting here but I think I’ll make a joke instead” thing. It happpens.

    If I ever say “old” friends, I certainly don’t mean “former” or “other”. I guess there’s no good way to differentiate from people I hang out with lots these days and those I don’t get to see very often. Suggestions? Maybe “round-the-way” friends or “homies”. Perhaps not.

    I am SO going to ohayocon. Don’t let me wuss out.

  2. …and I meant “heathen agnostic”.
    I’m sure there are other errors. So, forgive me for those.

    I love the pics, btw. Gundam guy cracked me up. That may be the route I take.

  3. …are you sure? 😉

    Oh, and you better believe that Aaron and I are going to give you some major crap if you back out on Ohayocon for the third year in a row. Oh, yeah.