Obligatory Update

I don’t particularly feel like writing right now, but I figured I’d give everyone a rundown of Thanksgiving and the long weekend.

OK, first off: Aaron and I were maybe 15 minutes down the turnpike, heading toward Cleveland, when I started swearing vehemently. Aaron didn’t miss a beat: “Pie,” he said.

I’d left it in the fridge.

We didn’t go back to get it, although we ended up making good enough time (and dinner ended up being late enough) that we totally could have doubled back and gotten the pie. Ah, well — more for us.

Thanksgiving wasn’t as weird as it could have been. We spent a lot of time chatting with Pete’s kids, who range from 12 (I think?) to 21. Joe, the youngest, finally hit the beginning of his growth spurt and voice change, so that was unexpected and kind of weird to witness. Grammie’s getting a little forgetful in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, and Aunt Elaine is going into a nursing home this week due to her own Alzheimer’s-related issues. Things had the potential to be awkward, but really weren’t.

As far as Atkins cheating goes, oh yeah. I cheated, and I didn’t regret it. (Very much.) In the category of not-Atkins-friendly foods, I ate stuffing and sweet potatoes and a little pie, among other things. Oh, and the acorn squash with brown sugar and honey and whatever else couldn’t have been too good for me, either. But there was also ham and turkey and green bean casserole and fruit salad and mashed potatoes and gravy (although I opted to pass on the potatoes).

This week, Aaron’s starting back up on Induction again. He’s changed jobs at work, from a labor-intensive job to a fairly sedentary one, and he’s not happy with the weight he’s gained. So, I’m doing Induction with him. I, too, have gained back most of what I lost in our early October two-week Induction, unfortunately. I’m hoping that some of that is just pre-PMS water weight, but I can’t count on that.

I’m going to make a concerted effort to exercise daily, also. Since it’s getting colder (and rainy / snowy), I’m not going to be able to have my lunchtime walk in the park, so I’ll have to plan some evening indoor activity. Yoga, pilates, tae bo (maybe… Billy Blanks kicks my ass, as a general rule), trampolining / rebounding, or just working out with my free weights. Today was a gorgeous day for November (60°F in Ohio!), so I went ahead and walked. Tomorrow may be 40° and not rainy, so I may walk tomorrow, too. After that, though… *thumbs down*

In other unrelated news, I’ve loaded up my Brownie Bullet camera and am planning to shoot a test roll this week. It looks like it’ll cost me around fifteen bucks to get it developed, though, which kind of sucks.

In even more unrelated news, my old RCC cohort Jeff Hawley included me in his mass e-mail update today! I haven’t talked to him for maybe three or four years. Turns out he’s finished writing a film script, is engaged to a Japanese girl, and did graduate work in England (although I’d already heard that last bit through the grapevine). I e-mailed him back and shared my much less interesting life events with him.

I’m not unhappy with my life, though. I turned out a lot more normal than I could have — and, when I say “normal,” I mean it as a completely good thing.

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  1. Di;

    I’m glad you turned out normal too. I’ll just ignore the picture on the left hand side of your blog that has you wearing a blue hat with eyes, ears, and a nose.