My Musical Tastes

So, this handy tool will probably make its way into my About page as soon as I get around to it: my top ten artists, as calculated by Fun!

Keep in mind, though, that this only counts the music I listen to at my computer at home. It can’t count my iPod plays (yet), which would totally change the dynamic of artists and tracks. (Much more J-Pop, and Death Cab For Cutie would definitely be higher up in the Top 10.)

As it stands, Depeche Mode is #1 due only to the fact that they provided the correct mood for writing last month’s vampire story. And most of the music in my Top 10 is basically just good music for websurfing — or for web designing, in the case of the Moby and the Oakenfold. I like to design to trance, don’t ask me why.

But, yeah. Fun. If you decide to join up on, be sure to friend me! I need some friendage, yo.