Fished In

I let strangers into our house tonight.

I let them sell me something. I tried to tell them no, but they finally made the offer sound too good.

It’s my debt, though. I’ll pay it off all by myself, and I’ll say it’s a Christmas present to both of us. Aaron’s going to laugh at me, though, and berate me for allowing strangers into our home after dark.

After checking the internet, it looks like I didn’t get jacked all that bad, really. As long as I pay it off faster than the nice salesman financed the thing for.

I still can’t believe I let him sucker me into it, though. Especially after all that deliberation over a camera that I really, really wanted; now I went and let the nice salespeople convince me that I needed something that I really probably didn’t. Something that, overall, cost more than my new camera. WTF.

I need to stop beating myself up over this purchase already. It’s practical. It’ll be worth it in the long run.


Update, 7 Dec 2005: Aaron hadn’t discovered the new vacuum cleaner by the time the finance people called this morning and ruined the “surprise.” He was going to be offended, he said, if I’d bought him a “demasculating” gift like a vacuum cleaner — but when I explained that it was a present for both of us, he was perfectly OK with it.

When I further explained that the Kirby people had totally suckered me into the purchase, and that I had been worried for the past two days about how he was going to react, he was amused (as I predicted) and assured me that he wasn’t mad (as I also predicted).

Aaron seems to approve of the purchase, as we should never have to buy another vacuum cleaner again. So, Merry Christmas (or Happy Festivus) to us. 🙂

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  1. tell me about it. those were some awesome salespeople, i’ll give them that. but it really did kick the old vacuum’s ass.

    it better, at that price.

  2. i talked to some people at work today about my purchase, and i actually feel much better about it now. i may even loan (rent?) it out to let james shampoo his carpet. 😉

    it also occurred to me that my kirby in-home purchase was not quite as bad as my habitec security in-home “purchase,” as i’ll still have a nice vacuum once the payments are over. 🙂 damn habitec, getting me into a five-year contract for a security system we use maybe four or five times a year…

  3. they included the shampoo attachment for “free.” it actually does a pretty good job — i’m going to see if i can get aaron’s diet rite stain out of the carpet tonight. 😉

    thus far, he hasn’t gone up to the cat’s room and seen the vacuum. i’m not good at keeping secrets (and that’s a good thing), but i’m going to see how long it takes him to notice. tee hee.

  4. Oh goodness. How embarassing. Perhaps you could return it?

    (Now you’ve gone and made me glad I live so far out in BFE that no one EVER knocks on my door to sell me anything!)

  5. you know, i thought of returning it… but so did they, apparently. they gave me a $100 trade-in on my old vacuum (theoretically), so if i return this one under the legal “three-day right of recision,” i still have to go out and buy another vacuum cleaner. because i’m sure they’ve already pitched mine.

    this is just one reason why my husband wants us to post a “no solicitors” sign by our doorbell.

  6. Di, you remember that IM conversation we had about your vacuum purchase? In that conversation I mentioned that Pat has a new job, but I wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be doing, just that it was for some carpet company. Well, it turns out that he’s selling Kirby vacuums, and we got a complimentary demonstration from him. Seeing as the only carpet in the house is a measley 4×6 rug, the demo pretty much did our vacuuming for the week.