Nikon D50 Test “Roll”

In which Mei seems to say, “My GOD, woman. You’ve been taking my picture for two hours. Give it a rest!”

It’s going to take a while to get used to the nuances of this camera. I’m discovering, inadvertently, that I am indeed cultivating a photography “style” of my own — my first D50 photos came out looking unacceptably point-and-shoot. As I read through the manual, though, I started discovering the little doodads and knobs and settings that would let me do what *I* wanted.

The memory card slots on the giant TV are mightily awesome now, too. The 3000-pixel-wide images from the Nikon (and that’s in Normal Mode!) look awesomely sharp on the HDTV.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more photos as I learn more about my new camera. My very first brand-spanking-new camera!

*does happy camera dance*

In other news, I got back my test roll from the Brownie. Silly me decided to save on printing costs by a buck or two and get a contact sheet instead of individual prints. Which means, of course, that the lab couldn’t tweak the exposure times on each print, and only one image came out decent. If our scanner could scan all sizes of negatives, it would be no problem to scan the negs and reprint the photos myself… but, as it is, I can only scan 35mm slides and negatives.

Anyway, the camera seems to work, although it prefers bright daylight to the trees and moderate shade of Eppstein Park. I’m not sure it’s going to be worth the trouble of paying $15 a roll for developing and printing, though.

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  1. half of that is processing, too. if i could scan and print them myself, i’d still go for it for six bucks a roll. as it is, though… i don’t know. it’s a cute camera, and i’m going to keep it because it’s all kitchy, but i’m not sure how much usage it’s actually going to get.