Happy Freakin’ New Year.

I have so many different ideas queued up for year-end (or New Year’s, as it were) lists and essays and whatnot. Unfortunately, I am so unenthused about writing right this moment that none of them are going to happen today.

(Some of this lethargy is most certainly due to the extra helping of creamed chicken I ate for dinner this evening. Ugh. Yummy, and filling, but man. I do NOT want to move now.)

So, I guess that, for now, I’ll just mention that my New Year’s resolution (apart from losing weight, which is always a given) is to finish the projects I start. I have so many half-completed projects it’s just stupid. So, this year, I resolve to finish what I start. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I resolve to only have one project at a time, because I think that would be impossible for me. 🙂

In future blog entries, expect a Year In Review (a *real* one, not the meme I already posted) and my list of New Music Discoveries for 2005.