OMG Teh Cuteness Submission - Pirate Kitty

I require this shirt. Just FYI.

In other news, tonight involves preparations for Ohayocon, including:

  • packing the suitcase
  • ironing the costume
  • printing the preregistration confirmation
  • generally hyping

Which is nothing compared to Aaron’s preparations today. On top of all that, he also printed hotel confirmations and directions, went to the post office for stamps (unrelated to Ohayocon, but still in the list of errands), packed up his iRiver and mics for mobile con recording, and did a bunch of other stuff.

He also pointed out that I have no room to bitch and complain about how my helmet turned out, when I assembled it two days before the con. Good point.

Update, 7:20pm: Why is Norton Security blocking the Threadless banner I posted? Gyarr. I can’t figure out how to manipulate Norton to allow me to view this simple image, so I’m just turning off Ad Blocking. (Not turning off Pop-up Blocking, mind you, although I doubt I really need it with my kick-ass Firefox.)

I wonder what else Norton has blocked before… hmm.

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  1. I sent you an email but the out-of-office reply slap me down. Anyway, I am doomed to never go to Ohayocon ever, despite my best efforts. *sigh* Enjoy yourselves.

  2. um… well, sheryls, i didn’t call you because i’m lame. and i wasn’t sure if i had your correct cell phone number. but mainly just because i was lame.

    sorry, d00d. i am teh suxx0r. just like garza is teh suxx0r for missing ohayocon again. 😉

  3. 🙂 ok, garz. mark this one on your calendar: april 8. bgsu. the animarathon. it’s a FREE one-day con in the town where you LIVE.

    you will have no excuses for missing that one. and aaron and i will be there. dressed up. and possibly wired for sound.