On Starting Points

After a conversation I had today, I decided that I needed to take some, shall we say, more revealing “before” pictures.

So, after my workout, and after dinner, I changed into my highly stylish beige bra and bikinis, and traipsed downstairs for a new set of “before” pics.

Looking at these pictures? Makes me want to go work out again. Today. Right now. Until I can’t move.

You know how, in Sociology or in Ethnic Studies or the multicultural class of your choice, they talked about push factors and pull factors? Generally this refers to reasons why people immigrated to America, but it applies to nearly any decision in life. Either you move from A to B because B has so many good things going for it (pull factors), or you move from A to B because A just sucks donkey balls, and anything would be better than A (push factors).

These “before” pictures have become a mighty push factor. Mightier than the pull factor of any post-drumcorps, size 14, tan and svelte Diana photo.

The good news is that I had a good first full day of the new plan. Barring one leftover burger with provolone cheese for lunch, I followed the plan fairly closely, although I do have some room for improvement.

Got up when my alarm went off (for once), ate breakfast at 7:30am (OMG WTF BBQ Me? Eat breakfast?!), and was quite sated until lunch, which was at 11:30am. Snackie-time was my 3:30pm break, and dinner was 6:30pm — ABC Evening News time. Did tonight’s workout while dinner was cooking (lunges were with my body weight only, BTW, and I did 50 jumping jacks before beginning the dumbbell routine). I plan to do some yoga with Chaz later on tonight, before a nice relaxing bath and a reasonably early bedtime (well, 11:00 is reasonably early for me).

According to my handy-dandy Diet Organizer, my calorie ratio for today was 31% from carbs, 34% from protein, and 35% from fat. We’re shooting for 40:30:30, so I have some tweaking to do. (The burger was the likely culprit, methinks.)

Now, don’t worry: this isn’t going to become a daily diet journal. I just wanted to share this first relatively successful day with all of you. Expect some weekly diet updates if I do well, or utter and abject silence on the subject otherwise. ^_^

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