Something’s Working…

This week, in an attempt to re-align my sleep schedule by about an hour, I’ve been assembling my meals at 10pm, then showering, then reading in bed, and turning off the light at 11:00pm, no matter what. I’ve been laying in bed awake for an hour, to be sure, but I’ve been successfully rising with my alarm clock two days in a row. (Yes, this is an accomplishment.)

Tonight, I got caught up in some genealogy research, so I haven’t gone upstairs to make my food yet — and now my body’s threatening to cart itself off to bed without my brain’s permission.

I’d better go make my food already, before I find myself all tucked into bed with no recollection of how I got there.

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  1. Okay, this is ooga-booga Eastern stuff but it works:

    If you’re in bed by 9:30, you’ll go to sleep and sleep a full eight hours. (Apparently at ten PM the energy changes to something livelier and therefore it’s harder to get to sleep after ten.)

    I don’t follow this rule much myself, ’cause I’m a night person damn it, but when I get all screwed up schedule-wise and need to sleep really well, I put my ass in bed at 9:30 and sleep like a dead thing.

  2. yep, i do sleep better if i actually go to bed before 9:30 😛 if i dont settle down before that, i either sleep badly or cant fall asleep till midnight.