Diet & Fitness Update, Week #2

I started out this week at 213, after my ill-fated Cheat Day on the 20th. Midweek, I was still at 213, which depressed me. Yesterday, though, I weighed myself and discovered I was back down to 210.5, which is definitely good.

I’ve continued to be good about eating my breakfast, and said breakfast has continued to be oatmeal. We found an extra-large box of Quick Oats at Big Lots last week, and while I prefer the regular Old Fashioned Oats better, these aren’t bad. They are, in fact, quick to make. Not that those extra two minutes really mattered in my day. Anyway, I’ve cut down on the raisins, though I haven’t eliminated them yet. I have started adding slivered almonds on occasion, and those are pretty good. They add a new flavor and texture. I’ve also rediscovered the Atkins Sugar-Free Maple Syrup that we had in our cupboard; it goes quite well on oatmeal, as does the sugar-free imitation honey (though not at the same time).

I’ve come to be so dependent on my breakfast that skipping it isn’t even an option; I’d rather be late to work than miss my oatmeal.

I’ve also been switching up my afternoon snacks. Instead of tuna salad, I’ve been eating an apple and some cottage cheese. I might need to switch back, though, as I seem to recall that my afternoon snack really shouldn’t have any carbs, and an apple most definitely has carbs.

In looking at my calorie ratios from last week, I pretty much stayed within 4% of my 40:30:30 ratio of carbs to protein to fat all week. Tuesday was a little off, though — too much fat (can’t have cottage cheese with my snack and vegenaise with my dinner, too).

As for exercise, I did fairly well this week. Monday was Legs Day: I compiled my own workout based on the premise of this Beginner Dumbbell Workout. Lunges, sumo squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, and calf raises all in sequence, followed by a rest, then repeat, rest and repeat. That was just about right, although my quads were sore for a few days and my hamstrings were stiff and sore for a few more.

Tuesday was Shoulders Day: Rear shoulder flys, front raises, shrugs, side raises, and presses all in sequence, as above. This needs tweaked for future workouts, though, as doing side raises and presses seem to work the same shoulder muscle. Having those exercises right next to each other does NOT work. I also need to throw some tricep kickbacks in there, as my triceps were feeling quite neglected. My shoulders didn’t start to feel sore until two days later, and the soreness didn’t last too long. Which was odd, because my last set of presses was damn near impossible. I expected to hurt a lot more than I did.

Wednesday was my slacker day; I didn’t do any exercise. Thursday I did the YOGAmazing Yoga For Abs practice, which was more strenuous for my fatigued upper arms than for my abs.

Friday, I finally pushed back the couch and did some more Tae Bo. This time, I got through the whole tape, only sitting out of one set of side kicks. And damn, did I feel GOOD after that workout. Breathing kind of hard, sweating just a little, but not like I was going to die or anything. Strangely enough, that workout seemed to work the soreness out of my shoulders and legs. The only thing that got sore was my lats — those muscles on either side of my back? Yeah. Every now and then yesterday, I’d just randomly say, “Damn you, Billy Blanks,” and Aaron would know what I was talking about. 🙂

I’m hoping to have lost more weight by next week’s midweek weigh-in, as I’m currently having my happy womanly time right now. I’m thinking that may have been one reason I didn’t seem to lose any weight during the first part of the week. We’ll see.

At any rate, I’m well on my way to reaching 209 by Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Your fitness quest inspires me, no lie. Do you have a good web resource for your plan or a good place for me to statrt? I need to trim down so I don’t die soon and so I can ride the fun rides at CP without dying. Much.

  2. I recommend doing half of your workout routine for the same muscles while your happy womanly time is hanging around. I read in one of my magazine subscriptions about health & ultra-health that one’s metabolism is higher during that most uncomfortable week, so go lightly but don’t avoid the exercise as you’ll not only regret it later from soreness, but it’ll also cut down on the cramps. It works for me….

  3. Sheryl? Would you care to address Garza’s diet question in depth?

    See, Sheryl’s bf is the one who planned this thing out. Apparently, it’s a not-so-strict version of the Zone Diet. Basically, I still don’t eat any refined sugar, including soda pop, and I’ve been eating four smaller meals a day (should probably be eating five). Cut back on the fat: no burgers or mayo. Lots of chicken and fish instead.

    And I <3 my morning oatmeal.

  4. hm, pretty much you can send him the same email i sent you, since it was originally designed for a man anyway 😛 a 320+ pound man, actually, but i havent a clue about Garza’s size!