Unexpected Stress

I had been planning to work on the LSM site tonight.

I hadn’t been planning to get an e-mail from Russ saying, “I tried a couple of times to add to the news section of the website and nothing posted.”

*OMG Stress*

I knew that something had happened on the server side, since I hadn’t touched the code in… well, weeks or months. It took me a while to figure out why everything on the site was broken, but I finally discovered that it was due to someone at the nice webhosting company switching register_globals to off, effectively breaking all of my neato “Wow! All I have to do is stick the newsID onto the end of the URL, and it just goes!” code.

I freaked for a while, but after chilling out with a bowl of (low-carb) ice cream, I finally deciphered what php.net was trying to tell me. One line of code and a Dreamweaver search-and-replace later, everything is fixed.

Until some evil, malicious hacker blows on my house of cards, that is.

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  1. i was pretty proud of myself. 😀

    if i hadn’t figured it out when i did, though, i was getting ready to fire up AIM and see which of my techie friends was on. i’m glad i got it on my own.