Diet & Fitness Update, Week #3

I started out my week at 210.5 lbs, my weight as of Saturday the 28th. Over the course of the week, I managed to lose half a pound, but the journey there was kind of up and down.

I added some new food items to my diet this week, including Annie’s Naturals salad dressings on my salads and frozen blueberries in my oatmeal. I continued eating four meals a day, and branched out on Friday to start eating five: three full meals, two snacks.

Monday’s exercise was focusing on legs. Tuesday was Tae Bo Basic. On Wednesday, I tried something new and worked out my back. There wasn’t a very wide range of exercises I could do at home with only dumbbells, so I did ten reps each of supermans, tricep kickbacks, bent-over rows, side raises, and shoulder flys, all with my five-pound weights (except the supermans). As with my other weight workouts, I did the exercises all together with no breaks, then took a two-minute break before set #2, then a one-minute break before set #3. I really felt it the next day, so I opted to take a day off. I’m not used to my back being sore on purpose. Then, since I took a day off on Thursday, I lost my momentum and didn’t work out again on Friday.

Midweek, I weighed myself and was quite depressed to see that I’d actually gained a pound and a half. Sheryl suggested that I should measure myself, too — and I’m glad she did. Sixteen days into my new diet and exercise program, I’d lost an inch and a half from my waist, an inch and a half from my neck (?!), half an inch from my upper arms, and three-quarters of an inch from my bust. My lower body remained unchanged. But holy crap! I can definitely deal with minimal weight loss if I still lose inches.

My goal for the coming week is to ramp up the cardio. I want to shoot for two days of cardio, preferably three. I downloaded the Tae Bo Cardio workout on VCD, and from what I’ve previewed of it, I think it’s going to kick my ass. In a good way. I’ve also decreased my caloric goals for the week by about 200 calories. I’d been making my oatmeal with a little cream, and I’m going to lay off of that this week; that change alone should knock off that 200 calories a day. I’m also switching up what I’ve been eating for lunch and for dinner: more carbs for lunch (say, meat and rice), and fewer for dinner (meat and veggies or salad).

Hopefully, between the cardio and the more frequent feedings and the lower caloric intake, I should drop off some more poundage this week. Even if I keep only losing at the rate I have been, though, I should still make my goal of five pounds by Valentine’s Day.

February 16th = 2 days after Valentines Day = new pictures and new measurements. I have nine days to kick that ass.

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  1. my clothes are a lot more comfortable… except I think I need some new bras. 🙂 my boobie armor is getting a little too big, finally.

    I feel a lot stronger, too — I can do simple things like squatting down to get to file cabinets or whatnot and my legs don’t feel all WTF-almost-asleep or anything.

    and I can buy XL clothes from “normal” catalogs like Lerner and such, and not have to return them in favor of a 1X or 2X.

    yaye! 😀

  2. good! so you’re improving your circulation and strength, and losing size. that’s faaaaaaaaaare more important than weight numbers. yay! 😀

    you want a real challenge..hehe…get a jump rope! they’re like $4.99 at target and holy shit. we did 2 sets last night for 5 minutes each (timing each other, taking turns). i thought i was gonna keel over ded. that was much easier when i was 8. o.O