Woke up this morning about the time I should have been pulling out of the driveway. Didn’t remember turning off my alarm. Threw on the clothes I’d already laid out, tossed some food into a brown paper bag because my normal lunch bag had nasty leaky grodiness in it, and headed out the door.

Got to the car, and suddenly felt queasy. Just out of nowhere. Drove to work, got there late, still felt blah. Ate my oatmeal at my desk, tried to ignore the blah.

But it would not be denied.

I had one of those I’m-glad-there’s-a-handicapable-one-stall-potty kind of BMs, took occasional sips of my ever-present water, and tried to get some work done. After a couple of hours, though, I decided that this was dumb, and made arrangements to take half a day off.

Got home around noon-thirty, and confused the shit out of Aaron. Proceeded to take some Theraflu and sleep on the couch all afternoon, waking up for the occasional small meal. Aaron just now left for work, at 5:30. I’m still run down. Not miserable, but tired and still slightly nauseous.

I’m going to continue to chill out on the couch this evening, or maybe play a little Civ IV until I feel the need to lie back down. Watch some DVDs, drink some herbal tea and some water, and take some more Theraflu before bed. Which will undoubtedly be *much* earlier than normal.

So much for getting my podcast out tonight. Ah, well.