Long Lost Media

I finally located some tapes I’d been missing for a while: the very first mixtape Aaron ever made for me, back in 1996, and three 8mm videotapes from 1999-2000.

As soon as I finish compiling mp3s to correspond with all the songs on Aaron’s Music Sampler, you can expect to find a zip file of 90 minutes’ worth of mp3s for your listening pleasure. You, too, can be introduced to fantastic 90’s alternative like Frank Black, Sebadoh, The Afghan Whigs, the Pixies, Man or Astroman?, Catherine Wheel, and many more.

Eventually, you can also expect to find some mini-montages of the video footage from 1999 and 2000. Old RCC buds will appreciate RCC Fun Day 2000, and family will (possibly) appreciate Thanksgiving and Christmas 1999, including me telling CC Snyder’s “Archibald Barasol” joke, Gary reading the infamous forward about The Best Fruitcake Ever, and general fun with decorations and snowball fights.

I’m tempted to plug the camera into the TV and watch them right now.

What the hell… I think I will. 😀

Update, 1:20am: Damn… I was one sloppy bitch six and seven years ago. I look *much* better now at age almost-30 than I did back then at 23-24. Same with Aaron (no offense, honey).

Even so, I think I’ll be able to edit this stuff into something fun and amusing to watch later. Yeah.