Diet & Fitness Update, Week #10

Good news! I’m continuing my weight-loss trend. I’m down one more pound this week, to 208.5! This is my lowest weight since… *checks Excel chart* …well, since Thanksgiving. Holy crap.

Did two of my three PUSH workouts so far this week. I’ve still got today, though. Starting next week, I move on to Workout #2. Yay! I still haven’t managed to get my 100 minutes of cardio in, and I know that’s a major part of why I haven’t had quicker results. I do still walk every day for 30-40 minutes during my lunch break, although that doesn’t really count as cardio.

Last weekend, Aaron and I found the motherlode of low-carb goodies at Big Lots, so I’ve been incorporating shakes and bars into my diet. I still haven’t been getting up early enough to make that breakfast burrito that’s been calling my name (although I have managed to get to work on time two out of five days this week). So, breakfast continues to be oatmeal, because I can toss the ingredients into a Rubbermaid container, then add water and nuke at work. Morning snackie is one Slim-Fast low-carb shake. Lunch is pasta (yes, reduced-carb, but not always “low-carb,” and never that soy crap) and chicken or tuna. Afternoon snackie is a Slim-Fast low-carb meal replacement bar (and sometimes a CarboRite peanut butter cup right after my walk). Dinner is baked chicken and a salad, usually, or a couple of wraps with ham and lettuce and reduced-fat Hellmann’s (we ran out of Vegenaise).

This weekend, I’m hoping to make a pilgrimage to Claudia’s Whole Foods store to get some yummy health food. Almonds (OMG, those are hard to find with no oil in them!), whole-wheat English muffins (those would be yummy with some natural PB in the morning), crunchy natural PB (because the cheap brand of smooth PB I got last time isn’t all that), vanilla whey protein (for making my *own* shakes), Vegenaise, Annie’s Naturals salad dressings, maybe some more cold cereal, stuff like that.

Adam from Burning Twenty had a recipe early on in his podcast for an apple-flavored protein shake, so I’m hoping to get the ingredients for that this weekend. Sounds yummy.

What’s the next step? I WANT MY BREAKFAST BURRITO, GODDAMMIT! I *will* wake up early enough at least *once* this week to make myself a damn breakfast burrito. Scrambled eggs (one whole, one white), a little Colby-Jack cheese, maybe some ham, maybe a little lettuce, definitely some salsa, and a wheat tortilla. Gonna be so good. Mmm.

Apart from that, I’m looking forward to moving on to the next workout on my PUSH DVD, and I’ll try the cardio workout again. Maybe I was just in a mood the one day I tried it last week.

Next weekend is the Anime Punch convention in Columbus. I need to plan ahead for potential evil eating. Maybe I’ll bring a resistance band and do some working out in the hotel room, or maybe I’ll make a concerted effort to step up the cardio this week. No matter how I deal with it, I will NOT let this weekend screw up my progress thus far.

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