Moving and Shaking

Good things are happening.

I’m feeling more fit. I’m doing something a little different at work, and the future is looking positive on that front. I’m paring down my hobbies and interests.

Paring down my hobbies, you ask? Yes, this is a good thing. This makes me happy.

As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve pretty much written off musicianship for now. I enjoy picking up the guitar every now and then, or singing along with the CD in the car, but I’m not likely to record a cover album to share with the internets.

I’m also in preparations to turn over the Saginaires / Northern Aurora alumni site — yes, the very first site I ever created — to someone who will take good care of it. I will shortly be posting a “job opening” to the alumni Yahoo Group, and the donor of the webhosting will be joining me in interviewing the candidates to choose who gets to take over the webmaster position. Ten years is long enough for me, and it’s not fair of me to hoard the site to myself when I haven’t touched it in probably a year.

I need to pare down some other things, too. I’m undecided as to the future of my podcast, although the more I think about it, I don’t want to give it up quite yet. My photography isn’t necessarily something I’ll be doing every day, but it’s damn nice to have good equipment and above-average skills for when I get the inkling to take some artsy pictures. And web design… well, I can’t see me going out for any freelance gigs anytime soon (especially with me actually using the techie part of my brain at work, finally), but I’ll probably do some minor tweaks on my blog, and maybe overhaul my portfolio one of these days. But I won’t feel bad if I don’t get to it right away.

As for things I do want to focus on… I want to get back into writing, as my long-neglected NaNo is calling to me. Gardening season is nearly upon us, so I definitely want to have time for that. And I’ve been being better to my body, exercising regularly, and that’s become something I want to continue. I definitely need to focus more on my LSM duties, as well. Oh, yeah, and do some chores around the house, too.

I’m afraid that, if I don’t take control of my hobbies and such now, I’ll feel guilty for neglecting everything under the sun. I’m still going to have more hobbies than the average joe, but I’m OK with that.

Priorities are good. Spreading myself too thin is not.

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  1. not sure yet. aaron said maybe in the afternoon or evening, since there seems to be more interesting stuff going on then. i haven’t looked at the schedule myself.

    i’ll check with the man, and post something here about it, probably tonight.

    did you see that it’s in today’s Peach? there’s even a picture of totoro and the nekobasu. 🙂

  2. update: we’ll probably be doing lunch in bg, and heading to the animarathon by 1pm, in time to catch the anime in culture panel. then we’ll watch some of yakitate! japan, then hit the dealer room, then check out the cosplay panel at 4pm.

    see you there…?