Ten Years Ago Today

In the Spring of 1996, I had just returned to BGSU after a semester of Academic Suspension. I was assigned to live in Rodgers Hall, and my randomly selected roommate was Mary.

This is important. Follow this.

Mary was attending BGSU because she had followed her boyfriend, Andrew, up from the University of Dayton. Andrew was originally from Toledo and had returned there after he had — flunked out? Quit? My memory isn’t quite sure of which. At any rate, he came home and his girlfriend came along, to be near him. And I was rooming with her.

Mary had recently gone to a party where a couple of Andrew’s high school buddies were in attendance. Apparently, she had told one of the guys that he dressed like he was gay. This, of course, had pissed the guy off, and made him not want to be at any parties with his buddy’s girlfriend anymore.

When Mary found out about my parentage (can girls be bastards?), she remembered an amusing anecdote about the young man she’d offended, and how he had mentioned that he needed to find a girl without a father. She decided to hook us up, kind of as an apology for telling him he dressed gay. At Mary’s request, Andrew gave her Aaron’s e-mail address to give to me.

And the rest is history. ^_^

Ten years ago today, I wrote about this new boyfriend of mine, and what we did and how I felt. I was fairly graphic, as I didn’t want to forget any single moment, so there will be some judicious editing of explicit things that I (and Aaron, I’m sure) would not be comfortable sharing with the internet.

As a final aside before I get into the journal entry: at this point in my life, I still considered myself Mormon, but inactive. I was, in fact, a virgin, and I am not at ALL ashamed to admit that. Aaron, on the other hand, was totally wanting some nookie (by our third date), but got derailed when I told him that I was a Mormon and didn’t have sex. Yet.

So, with all the backstory out of the way, on with our story:

8 April 1996 – Monday – 3am

Gee… I guess I do tend not to write when things are going well… wow. 🙂

Last night Aaron took me to “the small” (aka Woodland Mall here in BG), then to Goodwill to look around, then out to eat Chinese in Toledo. Then we came back and talked for awhile — surprisingly, Mary was gone — then made out for awhile. We both knew he had to be home earlier than usual, since he was going to Lakewood, near Cleveland, today to visit his grandparents, so we wasted no time. 🙂 We were very heavily into it — I was ***** **** ** ***, in fact — when the phone rang. We let the machine get it. It was Mary. She said she was in Heather’s room, and that Heather wanted to talk to Aaron and I, so stop “scrumping” (Andrew’s word) and get down there. So we got dressed and went, knowing that, if they knew for sure we were in, they’d keep bugging us. They were bluffing, it turns out — for all they knew, we could have been out on a walk. Grrr… So we let Aaron check his e-mail on Heather’s computer, surfed the web for a while, then went back up to the room, the two of us, an hour or so later. We tried *****, but decided ** *** *******, and he ******** ** + *** ** ***. After that, we experimented with ********* **** ** ****** *** — ** ***** *** ***, but he said he enjoyed himself anyway.

At this point we were totally in the buff, lying beside each other, talking quietly about how he’d have to go soon + how he feels like such an asshole when he has to leave so soon afterward —

— Knock Knock Knock!

Both of us must have jumped 2 feet in the air — and we landed sitting upright on the side of the bed, reaching for our clothes. He yells, “uh, j-just a moment!” Clang, clang, goes his belt buckle. 🙂 And then I let Mary in, and he had to leave soon thereafter, since it was almost 2, not adding the time change.

But I told the story to tell about the irc conversation we had tonite. We talked about the usual joking stuff, about Heather finding out she’s not pregnant, about the previous night’s embarrassment with Mary’s knocking, and about my 20th birthday weekend (tell more later). But, near the end of our converation, I told him how much I had wanted to ask him to make love to me last night, how close I’d come to actually asking. And he said he wouldn’t have, since he doesn’t want me to do anything I’ll regret later. Then he said, “And you DID make love to me — making love doesn’t have to mean ‘scrumping.'” That made me feel so loved. Wow… That gave me unbelievable warm fuzzies. The he had to go look some things up online, but I e-mailed him while he was on lynx. I told him how much that comment really meant to me, because I feel like I should be giving more, and I love him so much that I want to, but I cant/won’t. And I told him that I love him so much that if I could give it to him, I would. He e-mailed me back saying that I already give him so much, and that he undestands, and he loves me. More warm fuzzies… 🙂

My word, isn’t Aaron fantastic? I don’t “lust” after him — I have the purest love for him, almost innocent, but still with physical qualities. I want to be as close to him as I possibly can, closer than I’ve ever been to anyone before.

We’ve been a couple for 3 weeks now, and met in person about 6 weeks ago, I think. Time flies….

OK, so I was a cornball. AND a hornball. I was only 19, for god sakes. 😉

Time really does fly, though. I can’t believe it’s been ten years.

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  1. I remember when you two met. I don’t remember meeting you for the first time…it’s been ten years. But I do recall something about that story.
    Glad it all workt out, eh? hahaha. I remember the Heather preggers scare. Something involving kitchen utensils???
    I wonder whatever happened to her. That was ten years ago??? Geez…

  2. We won’t go into the story of the salad tongs here, I don’t think, as one of the participants is a regular reader of my blog. 😉 Heh.

    Heather married a Canadian with a Ph.D in Cell & Molecular Biology, and they own a home in Cincinnati. He works at Proctor & Gamble, she works at an elementary school teaching Language Arts & Math.

    She got her Masters last year, according to her website (which is only updated for major events, I think).

    I don’t really talk to her much anymore, but we trade e-mails every year or two, just to keep in touch.

  3. I am still sorry for pissing Aaron off. He’s a terrific and funny guy. Aaron can you forgive me? Anyhoo, I am glad that you two have lasted so long- I knew you would!!! Mark and I will celebrate our 10 years this August. We’ve been married for 7 years, and have 2 kids. I love my man as much as you love yours. It’s strange if we never roomed together, you and Aaron would not be together. And if I never met Mark, I’d be a nun. I hate dating and trying to get to know someone. I also remember that you and Aaron were watching TV in the lounge that night. The song that played was a Kiss unplugged song. I think of you two evertime I hear it on the Radio. I am starting my masters this Fall. One question- I followed Drew? I wanted to leave UD-it’s too expensive, I was depressed- I was getting over a guy (my first love). I just was unhappy. I met Drew, we dated, and he introduced me to Garza, and he loved BG. I visited the Campus w/ Drew, and LOVED it. I do not know if Drew ever applied. I do not know about his grades, or care to remember. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  4. Sorry if I misrepresented your reasons for coming to BG, Mary — I just know what I was told back then, and I don’t remember if you and I ever actually talked about it.

    I remember Aaron’s and my marathon make-out session(s) in the TV lounge. MTV was always playing with the closed-captioning on. I remember watching Alanis Morrisette’s “You Learn” video, along with the Kiss Unplugged and some Beavis and Butthead.

    Wow, did you and Mark get together in August of 1996? Or was that when you met in Food Ops? Either way, it’s cool that you’ve been together for so long. How is Mark doing these days?

  5. oh man…memories. i love you guys. your relationship is the jam.

    i’m sure there is an actual medical equivalent to “salad tongs”… but we won’t go there. heh… wow. memories. i’m sure that was embarassing for whoever was involved.

    i’m sorry i missed you guys this weekend. i was there with my peeps from about 1:30 – 5ish? it was pretty cool. i’m convinced i should go to a bigger one next year or whenever.

  6. Former Roomie Mary Bindis · Sun 9 Apr 2006 at 5:22PM ·

    That’s OK-
    I love communiating on your Blog. I should use my married name, but you refer to me as “Former Roomie Mary Bindis.” Mark and I started dating 6 weeks shy of your 6 month anniversary. I can’t believe it. He’s wonderful (he has me, that’s why). He’s working as a bookkeeper now. He loves his job. He also gets to test new technology when it comes out. Who told you I followed Drew? Who cares if I did. I Love BGSU!!! That was my home. I have to update you on a lot- email me!!!

  7. Azrag Nosaj – I think we got to the Animarathon just after you, as I’m pretty sure we saw you go into Olscamp as we were walking toward the building. We stayed till about 3:30ish, and got some decent cosplay pics that we’ll be posting to Aaron’s Flickr account soon.

    It was fun reading through my old journal and remembering how much all of us used to hang out. Double and triple dates, open mic nights, just hanging out in people’s dorm rooms… those were the days.

  8. Hey! Just happened to get an email from Mary. I can’t believe this was 10 years ago! Now I feel really old. 🙂 Those were some fun times. Keep in touch! Heather

  9. Well at least i made it to a con with you guys…kinda.

    T watched “Escaflowne: The Movie” and scored a decent Cowboy Bebop wall scroll with Faye on it (a classy Faye – not a “hanging out” Faye). I also picked up 3 cans of GOD coffee from Wizzywigs stand – can you blame me? That cracked me up. Pretty tasty, I might add.

    Well, the awkward bus is leaving and I have a front row seat after this batch of comments. Talk to you soon!

  10. At the Animarathon, we ended up watching two episodes of Yakitate!! Japan, cruised the dealer room, and took lots of cosplay pics.

    As for the awkward bus: you’re not alone, dude. A lot of things change in ten years. It’s just fun to remember who we used to be and how we used to act. None of us are really those people anymore, I don’t think, so none of this can be held against any of us.

    And that’s good.

  11. Former Roomie Mary Bindis · Mon 10 Apr 2006 at 7:55PM ·

    Heather shouldn’t feel old. I don’t. It’s a great story that I hope that Di will share with her offspring. Mark never knew the story, and I couldn’t stop laughing as I told it to him. I felt a lot younger after retelling it. It makes me remember all the crazy things we did. Like the time I ran into Liz’s room and screamed the evil 3 words. Then he showed up in her room 5 minutes later. I remember Liz screaming “I’m going to kill you Mary!!!”
    I am going to curse your page with the evil 3 words Perkins! Perkins!!PERKINS!!!- Will he post a memo?

  12. OMG, I’d forgotten about The Three Words! That’s awesome.

    I have a picture of the time Steve left his drumsticks in our room and we made a ransom note that said, “Steve: We have your sticks. Are holding them for beer.”

    Now I have a ridiculous grin plastered on my face. Man, those were good times.

  13. Former Roomie Mary Bindis · Mon 10 Apr 2006 at 8:17PM ·

    I was going to send you that pic!! Did you get the ones I email last night? Also, I have a picture of a drunk Steve. Want it?
    BTW- I haven’t stopped laughing since last night.

  14. Former Roomie Mary Bindis · Tue 11 Apr 2006 at 5:39PM ·

    I have a pic of Liz, Di, Heathore, and me. We are ALL smiling and getting along. FYI- This is scaring my husband!!! He doesn’t know our antics. Oh Well!!! He needs to find out.

  15. I’m planning to scan in some pics tonight. I don’t think I have that one of the four of us, Mary – can you e-mail me a copy of that one?

    That was one crazy fun semester.