No Gnus is Good Gnus

Still sick. Headachy today. Every time I blow my nose (which isn’t as often as it was), my ears stop up, and it takes an hour for my hearing to approach normal again.

Tired. Undecided as to whether I should work out. I didn’t work out all last week, and I think I miss it. Still, though, I’m inclined to think that my body needs to use its energy to get well right now.

Appetite returning. I tried bringing a last-week-portion of lunch and snackies to work today, and that didn’t work out so well. Now that I’m home, around the food, I’m eating and eating and eating with no sign of stopping. Tomorrow, I bring a normal amount of food to work with me.

Haven’t done my measurements yet, but I did take pictures. If anyone wants to see a picture of me in a black one-piece swimsuit (I believe Sheryl would probably be the only taker on that), just shoot me an e-mail. Incidentally, I compared my earliest Before picture to yesterday’s In Progress picture, and I can definitely see a marked decrease in my abdominal fat. Good news.

No word on a monthly birthday potluck at work. I think I’ve been called out for failing to participate in recent potlucks. I’m the only April birthday in my department, so the woman who organizes them probably thinks I don’t want one.

I’m also concerned about what will or will not befall me at work on Friday, as my 30th birthday is on Saturday. I could either be totally forgotten (except by a few), or I could arrive to find black Over The Hill streamers and balloons festooning my cubicle. I’m going on the assumption that I’ll get a personal card or two, and no one else at work will care.

As far as birthdayness goes, I’m also trying to downplay the possibility of anything OMG-supar-kewl happening on my birthday proper. I mean, I threw Aaron a surprise birthday party, but I know for a fact that isn’t going to happen for me. He told me as much. See, all my friends (that would be most of you reading this) live so far out of town that you probably wouldn’t come to Toledo for an evening of drunken debauchery. So, once again, I’m trying to increase my appreciation of whatever does happen by assuming that very little will, in fact, happen.

Amy visited this past weekend, and we all traded birthday and Christmas presents. (Aaron = November, Amy = January, me = this Saturday.) That was definitely fun. Amy and I spent a few hours on Saturday evening/night in BG, drinking coffee and talking and walking around campus. For once, I felt kind of bad because my job/career situation appears to be more pleasant than hers. Usually we can commiserate about how we don’t know what direction to take, and are we going down the wrong path, and shouldn’t we be someplace better by now. I’m pretty content with working on my geeky database at work for now, though, while Amy’s feeling the pinch of being juggled by departments and not getting enough hours.

I could go on, probably, but I’m feeling like I want to go forage for some sort of tasty snackie. Already had chicken salad. Already had cereal. Already had ham. Feel like a hog… but am hungry nonetheless. Also have a headache that won’t go away, that’s making me nauseated. Or maybe that’s my drainage that’s doing that. Either way, it’s not good.

Food. Big Mouth hungry.

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  1. OMGs Your birthday is this Saturday?! Mine is Friday!! I’m 3 years younger than you. Three other people on my Friends list on livejournal also share my birthday.