Twinkie-misu, Year #2

Work was surprisingly pleasant today, really. No one felt like being terribly productive, so we were all chatty and friendly and social instead of being isolated and, well, productive. And the boss was on vacation this week, so he wasn’t around to scatter us back to work, like he tends to do. That always makes for an enjoyable Friday.

Also, I guess I inadvertently advertised my birthday at this week’s department meeting. Usually, our department holds a monthly potluck in celebration of all the birthdays in that month. I haven’t been participating lately, though, due to my diet, and I had assumed that the person who usually organizes the potlucks had taken notice of that, and was intentionally skipping April for my benefit. At the department meeting, though, she said that she’s organizing a building-wide potluck for Relay For Life instead. I piped up and mentioned that I’d thought maybe it was because I was the only April birthday. 🙂

So, today, a few people came into my cube bearing chips and salsa and cheese dip and 2-liters of pop — oh, yeah, and an African violet. (Very pretty pale silky flowers, BTW, in contrast to my dark velvety-flowered one at home.) On top of that, Scott made Twinkie tiramisu for my birthday, for a second year in a row. Mmm, so good!

Of course, since my cube was where the food was, everybody in the department (almost) made it into my corner of the world for some chatter. I learned some interesting facts about my co-workers and their backgrounds, and got more comfortable with some of them that I don’t usually talk with. That made for an unusually talkative day for me, and a very relaxing day-before-my-birthday at work.

I ended up bringing a good deal of Twinkie-misu home with me, with Scott’s blessing, and even brought home the rest of the chips and dips for good measure. Twinkie-misu gets me so high… Twinkies (soaked in espresso) and coffee ice cream and whipped cream and fudge sauce… yummy, but wow.   o.O

We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I’m still trying to downplay it… but I know that at least one other person is involved, from what Aaron let slip. So, something’s happening, at some point. I’ll be pleased with whatever it is, I’m sure.

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