Diet & Fitness Update, Week #15

Not much to report. I forgot to weigh myself before the weekend hit again, so today’s weigh-in was after a cheat day of Chinese for lunch and Mexican for dinner. I’m up to 209, but I’m going to weigh myself in another couple of days, after the extra calories have averaged themselves out.

I didn’t do my PUSH workouts this week. It was a challenge to try to get back into the groove after skipping my workouts from being sick, unfortunately. This week, I’m going to get back on that. I’m paying money for this program, after all. I have been continuing my daily walks, though. I’d feel like I missed out on a big part of my day if I didn’t walk during my lunch.

Not eating enough protein. I need to work on that, too. Been continuing to eat too many carbs too late in the day, just because it’s easier than cooking meat. I also have been skipping snackies during the day, because I’m finally doing work I enjoy and get caught up in. By the time I realize I didn’t eat my morning snack, it’s almost time for lunch.

So, I guess the overall gist of this week is that I’ve been coasting. I need to start getting back on this weight-loss thing hardcore. I’m tired of feeling unsexy and frumpy… although I *am* feeling much better than I was even a few months ago.

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  1. Diana! I came across your blog while looking for more info on Push. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the program and think I’m going to sign up too. Looks like you are progressing well- The fact you are on Week #15 sounds extremely promising! Have you changed your trainer since you started or have you used the same one all the way through? I’m all about Bob Harper and think this may be one of the main reasons that I am signing up.