Functionally Fit

When deciding how “in shape” you need to be, be it only slightly overweight or totally buff, there’s a term called “functionally fit.” That means that you’re in shape enough to do the things you need to do, and do the recreational activities you want to do. Say, for instance, you decided you wanted to go hiking and camping. Could you do it? How about skiing or snowboarding (besides not knowing how)? Or would it leave you in total pain the next day, or would you even be able to enjoy yourself while you were doing it?

Yesterday, Aaron and Mark and I helped Kris and Jamie move Kris’s stuff from his parents’ basement (where it had been in storage) to their new house in Maumee. Moving it out was mainly a matter of logistics, since he’d moved most everything up into the garage prior to yesterday’s move. We just had to pack the truck so that everything would fit. (Everything did, for the most part; he just needs to go back for his guitars.)

Moving it in, though, involved a steep 1960’s stairwell with no carpet and no banister, in addition to the front stairs up to the house. And I discovered something about myself that I’d been ignoring before: I go to great lengths to avoid cardio. Like going up and down stairs. Moving heavy stuff, sure, I’m all about it. I’ll unload the truck and move the heavy crap to the edge where someone can grab it and take it up to the upstairs bedroom. But actually carrying the stuff up there? Rather not. Because it makes me all out of breath, and my legs get all heavy and tired.

Lazy ass.

This morning when I awoke, my biceps were sore, my delts were sore, my lower back was sore (I lifted one Rubbermaid tote incorrectly, thinking it was a light one when it wasn’t), my ass was sore… I’m sure I’m forgetting something. So what did I do about it?

I grabbed the pruning shears and went outside to give the hedges a haircut.

Now my arms are sore *and* weak, but I’m OK with that. I’d rather keep moving. Today, Aaron and I are going to take a nice, long walk at Wildwood Metropark and test out Fries’s late grandfather’s camera before I offer to buy it.

So… functionally fit? Close, but not quite. At least I learned something about myself, though.

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  1. i’m relatively sure snowboarding leaves everyone in pain the next day, as it is a physical torture akin to professional boxing, only instead of hitting you in the face with fists they hit you in the ass with ice.