Official Weigh-and-Measure, Month #4

I didn’t do an official measurement for last month, so this represents two months of work. Well, two months of coasting, truth be told, but two months of continuing to eat healthy and stay more active. So, drumroll, please…

Weight: 209 » down half a pound in two months
(The scale said 207 on Saturday morning! I think it needs a new battery.)
Body Fat Percentage: 34.2%
Bust: 45″ » down half an inch in two months
Chest: 38¾” » about the same
Waist: 40½” » down FOUR INCHES in two months?! Huh?!
Hips: 49″ » down half an inch in two months
Neck: 14½” » about the same
Upper Arm: 13¼” » down just a fraction
Lower Arm: 10″ » down half an inch in two months
Thigh: 25½” » down nearly an inch in two months
Calf: 16″ » about the same

I took the waist measurement again just now, for good measure (so to speak), and I didn’t misread the tape. Not sure how that’s possible, but I’ll go with it. Just for clarification, I’m measuring where my pants live, about an inch or two above my navel, not way up under my ribcage where it looks like my waist is smallest.

Well, then. Despite a miniscule change on the scale and in most of my measurements, I’m happy to declare these two months a success. Who knew? Now I’m off to go download my weight-in-progress pics from my memory card and scrutinize them in Photoshop…