Tonight’s Wrong Number

9pm: *ring*

me: “hello?”
man: “hi. i’d like to speak to an officer?”
me: … o_O
man: “is this the minneapolis police department?”
me: “no, it isn’t.”
man: “oh, i’m sorry!”
me: “that’s ok.”
man & me (unison): “bye.”


Google says the Minneapolis Police Dept’s number is (763) 525-6215. That’s only vaguely close to our number — the prefix is similar, and the two’s in the same position. Weird.

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  1. hhahah. when i was in toledo, our number was 475-1751. i’ll never forget this. because 474-1751 was the Miracle Mile Licence Agency and 475-1571 was Kenwood Garden’s apartments. i used to get calls all the time for both. it got to a point with the licence agency that i’d answer and people would ask what to bring go get their temps, and i’d say “birth certificate and social security card” and hang up. 😛

    this knowledge also came in handy like 10 years after we got rid of that phone number – i was in line at the DMV in sylvania and a man was having issues with the clerks. i said hangon, ask another agency. *Dials on phone* and he’s like “how the hell do you know the number to another agency by heart?” 😀 turns out he didn thave to do anything, even tho the place we were at was making him jump through hoops.

    and then the other number came in handy, as John and I lived @ Kenwood gardens for 6 months or so 😀 i always knew the number to the office if something went wrong!! 😀