More Exercise Observations

Today, I opted against going to dinner in BG with some old co-workers, because I was looking forward to my jog and a healthy dinner instead.

Have I been abducted by aliens? Replaced with a Beta, a la The Last Starfighter?

I think I crave the dopamine or something. I feel soooo much better when I work out, even if I’m no more productive during the rest of the evening. 🙂 What would normally make me all depressed (‘I’m so unproductive; woe is me’) instead makes me look for something to do (like blogging).

I’m also better able to stave off hunger pangs late in the evening (like now). Or, rather, just flat-out ignore them.

I write this as kind of an historical record (yes, Diana finally exercised on a regular basis), but also as a future motivator. I know I’m going to want to slack sometime soon, and hopefully getting these words down on… well, not on paper, I suppose, but in writing of some form — hopefully that will help re-motivate me when I need it.

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