Diet & Fitness Update, Week #22

Just a quick update this time…

I realized during my inadvertent hour-long nap this evening that I forgot to measure myself last Friday. So, although I know that I’m back down to 208 lbs and 34.2% bodyfat as of Saturday morning, I don’t have measurements to share.

Last week’s exercise was kind of slack: I did my PUSH workout on Monday, jogged on Tuesday, then did nothing for the rest of the week. I focused mainly on getting my carb-protein-fat ratio looking better, and keeping my calories under control, which I did fairly well.

The beginning of this week so far hasn’t been spectacular, and my Mom’s coming to visit starting on Thursday night, so I don’t have any preconceptions of losing a crapload of weight this week. We’ll see, though.

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  1. Well… true. She’s requested a visit to the Chinese buffet, but she’s also requested a walk around the local metropark.

    I don’t necessarily have to eat bad foods while she’s here. In fact, it would probably be better if I set a good example. Good call!