Mom-athon 2006

In about three hours, my Mom should be rolling into Toledo via Greyhound. I’ve taken a four-day weekend from work, and Mom and I are going to spend those four days catching up and chilling out.

I could do with some chilling out right now, actually. I’m super-stressed about driving into downtown Toledo after dark and hanging out at the bus station. I’ve been high-strung about it all day, even though it’s only 15 minutes away from my house. I’ve never driven there myself; I’ve only been picked up or dropped off, and that was years ago. I mean, I’ve got my maps printed out and highlighted and directions all ready to go and everything… but those one-way streets make it seem like such a maze, especially in the dark. I’m sure I’m over-reacting, though.

After I successfully get Mom home from the Greyhound station, we’ll have four days to do whatever. She only has a few requirements: Crosby Festival, Chinese buffet, and maybe the zoo. Oh, yeah, and a walk around Wildwood Metropark. I definitely want her to play Killer Bunnies and Carcassonne with Aaron and me, among other games. (Mom likes games.)

Apart from that, though, I’m not sure what we’re going to do for four days. We don’t really live in a “walkable” part of town; all we can really walk to from here is the rest of our neighborhood. Not like BG, where we could walk around campus, or to a coffee shop. Not that Mom likes coffee. At all.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll think of something. For now, I have a few hours to get unfreaked about driving 15 minutes to the bus station, and to do a little cleaning. I already vacuumed the couch yesterday, so that Mei wouldn’t bother Mom’s allergies quite as bad. Now all that’s left for tonight is dishes, kitchen table, bathroom floor. The basics.

If I don’t post again this weekend, just know I’m out having a killer time with my Mom. 🙂

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